Digital Marketing Trends You Should Consider for Your Small Business

With the advent of internet and social media, traditional methods of advertising alone are not enough for increasing brand awareness and boosting sales. Entrepreneurs from around the world now see the value that online or digital marketing brings to the table. This wide-reaching and reliable marketing strategy can also be used even by small business owners to increase their visibility.

Here are some trends in digital marketing that even start-ups and small businesses should consider in drafting their marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content that highlights your product and its benefits is an effective way to attract target market in an affordable way. Nowadays, people pay more attention to an informative article than a paid ad. Instead of spending a lot for a single paid ad, many business owners now invest time and effort in writing contents that educate, inform and engage your target market. You can explore different types of contents like blog posts, infographics, videos, and even webinars.

Content Experiences

A form of content marketing that effectively engages target markets is content experience. While typical content marketing strategies focus on providing passive content for audience, content experiences aim to boost customer engagement by making presenting interactive forms of contents. Some examples are live streams, online quizzes, and polls.

Email Marketing

Enhancing communication through personalized email is an effective digital marketing strategy. Email is the way to go if you wish to send a more detailed information about offers, discounts, and updates.

Cashless Payments

Utilizing digital payment methods, whether in online stores or physical counters, are faster and more convenient for both you and your customers or clients. Giving your customers an extra layer of convenience by giving them a digital payment option is a good way to promote your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) robots or machines have the ability to work like humans. The most common marketing strategy using AI is the use of chatbots, with 85% of customer service in 2020 conducted with chatbots. AI will help make your customers feel important and secured as the chatbots respond real-time. Likewise, chatbots are helpful in taking off your list simple but repetitive tasks such as scheduling, answering queries, and doing follow ups.


Who would have thought that we’re going back to listening to recorded audio. This time, we listen to audio files not through radio but through podcasts. Blame the podcast madness on the fact that people nowadays need an entertaining or informative outlet while doing chores or while commuting.

As a business owner wanting to promote a product or service, you can make use of podcasts to reach your target market during those hours that they just want to listen to an informative and engaging content. The key is to seamlessly integrate your marketing with the right podcast program.

While technology is within your reach, make use of these digital trends that can help boost your business’ marketing strategy.

7 Content Marketing Tips for New Micro Businesses

With the pandemic’s negative impact on employment, many have embraced online selling as an alternative livelihood. From homemade meals to succulent plants, our social media feed has slowly turned into a vibrant cyber market of various awesome products.

While online business is certainly a silver lining in this difficult situation, our budding entrepreneurs may soon realize that it’s not that easy to sustain an online enterprise. What happens next after offering your products and services to your friends on social media? Attracting new customers and establishing loyalty can be a challenge for new business owners. As a small owner facing tough competition, you need to raise the bar when it comes to promoting your business.

Fortunately, you live in a world where technology offers an affordable, reliable and fast way to promote your business by simply staying at home. Here are some tips for your budding business’ content marketing:

Give your business a good brand

Whether you’re into this online enterprise just for survival or for long-term, treat it as a real business. Who knows where life will take you and your little shop, right? So if you’re gonna dive into it, do it right. Start with branding.

While your product is frozen fishballs, your brand is a set of features that distinguish your fishball business from other fishball providers.

Your brand is comprised of your business name, a tagline, a logo, a consistent look, a consistent voice, and a whole lot more. It’s your brand that will make your customers remember you the next time they crave for mouthwatering fishballs.

So it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. Here is a starter checklist:

Think of a good name that will best represent your product or service.

Design an eye-catching logo.

If you are not Photoshop-savvy and you don’t have enough funds yet to hire a brilliant graphic designer, you can use the ever reliable (and free) online graphic design platform Canva to design your logo and other marketing materials. Your logo should be in all your marketing materials, email signature, website, social media pages, as well as product packaging.

Think of a tagline that speaks of the good experience that your customer will get from your product or service.

While you may think this is unnecessary, tagline is a good way to make your customers remember you. As much as people love short and witty punchlines, they tend to recall products and services with a tagline.

Give your marketing materials a consistent and eye-catching overall design.

Your social media posts, business cards, posters and packaging should have a consistent look. From color schemes to font styles, the uniformity and consistency in your marketing design will not only show that you’re a legit enterprise but also help customers easily recall your business.

Craft an informative and attractive content

Don’t just post a photo of that cinnamon roll on tissue paper with a heartless “PM is the key” caption.

If you want to take your online selling seriously, let your potential customers know that you mean business. Spend time crafting your content before posting. Your customers deserve the best…even when it comes to the marketing materials that they look at.

As much as possible, a single post should contain all the relevant information your target customers need to know —- price, product description, flavor/scent, size, price, quantity, inclusions, payment options, and delivery options.

Make sure to take good quality photo. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take nice pictures nowadays. You just have to know the right angle, lighting and product placement. Check this article for a quick Product Photography 101.

Create contents based on the benefits of your product and services

What’s in it for me? Admit it. That’s how people judge every singe post in their news feed nowadays. Truth is your social media followers will soon get tired of seeing hard sell posts about products…

…but maybe not if they will find your every post beneficial.

It’s not just enough to tell them you’re selling a vitamin supplement, an insurance, a cake. Customers will not appreciate promotional posts every day. So you need to create other contents that aren’t directly selling something but are offering an information on how to make their life (or at least their day) better.

Instead of always talking about your products, talk about benefits.

Benefits are results that customers may experience by using your product or service. This should be the theme of all your marketing messages. For instance, if you’re selling vitamin supplements, talk about tips on having a strong immune system or how to remain healthy while working from home. If you’re selling insurance, create contents that focus on security and financial preparedness.

Choose the right social media channels

Almost everyone is using social media platforms nowadays. That’s why reaching your target customers is now convenient. Social media is a great tool for interacting with your customers real time. You just need to pick the most appropriate platform and use it effectively for your needs.

Some of the social media channels you can use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Choosing the channel that you will use must depend on your target market and your products.

For instance, Facebook is ideal for lead generation. What’s good about it is it offers advertising solutions that allow you to target specific audiences. You can also make use of Facebook Marketplace. If you have a lot of good product photos, you can also create an Instagram account for your business. For B2B services, you should make a LinkedIn page.

Create different content types

Sooner or later, people will get tired of seeing the same picture of your burger patty. So reach your target market through a variety of contents.

Here are some of the contents you may consider for promoting your product or service:

  • Photographs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars and livestreams
  • Testimonials from customers
  • User-generated content
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers

Decide on which content type will appeal most to your target audience. You can either do your content on your own or avail content writing service in the Philippines. The more frequent you create different useful content types, the higher the chance for your customers to remember your brand.

Tell stories

According to Social Sinergy Creative Director Adam Dukes, “facts tell, stories sell.” By integrating the business to real-life events or concerns, your product or service will reach not just the mind but the heart of your customers. While it may sound too cheesy, it is an effective way to reach customers.

Tell stories that your customers can relate to. Talk about the struggle to cook during quarantine. Talk about Netflix. Talk about working from home. Talk about family time. Talk about real-life concerns, but make sure it is related to your product.

Listen or interact with customers

To know the right stories that will attract your audience, it is important to listen to your customers’ stories and read their comments. Find out about their questions and concerns. By listening to them, you can adjust your content according to your customers’ needs and interests.

These tips are just some of the many things you need to do to take your online business up a notch. Spend time and effort for content marketing. Finding the right words and using the right channels can help your potential customer realize that they need and want your awesome products and services.